Manuka Shampoo 265ml

(£2.64 per 100ml)

Manuka Shampoo 265ml

(£2.64 per 100ml)

Deliciously scented, nourishing shampoo for dry hair

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Key benefits: Refreshing, Restoring, Nourishing

Hair type: Normal to dry

Best for: Normal to dry hair

  • Daily cleansing therapy
  • Leaves hair feeling nourished, restored and visibly healthy
  • Helps to hydrate and restore dry hair
  • Helps soothe the scalp
  • May help to reduce dandruff
  • Floral, gourmand and sweet fragrance

how to use

Massage shampoo into wet hair. Rinse and repeat as necessary. For best results follow with Dr Organic Manuka Honey Conditioner.

advisory information

Not for internal use. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not apply to broken or irritated skin. If sensitivity occurs discontinue use. Avoid this product if you are allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place.

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Contents: 265ml
Product code: DROMNKASHMP
Aqua, Aloe barbadensis leaf juice powder†, Ammonium lauryl sulfate, Glycerin, Caprylyl/capryl glucoside, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Sea salt (Maris sal), *MEL (KEY EXTRACT: Manuka Honey)†, Lauryl glucoside, Guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, Parfum, Citric acid, Sodium phytate, Sodium benzoate, Potassium sorbate, Linalool. † certified organic, 10% organic, 98% natural origin

This certified organic product is packaged in a recycled and fully recyclable PET plastic bottle made with ocean-bound plastic which has been collected from areas immediately around rivers and the coast, and would otherwise have ended up in our oceans. The cap is made with PP plastic.

It can be recycled with other PET and PP plastic at the kerbside by local authorities who usually collect plastic packaging. To recycle, clean as required and pop into your recycling or take to the nearest collection point.

Check what your local authority in the UK collects here: https://www.gov.uk/recycling-collections.

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customer reviews 4.2 out of 5 (25 reviews)

Love your recyclable packaging!
I love this shampoo and am exploring other products that you have. I am most impressed with your packaging and delivery. I just love it when products arrive with minimum cardboard (recyclable). Many thanks
Elize Truter, United Kingdom
Jag tycker detta shampoo är toppen jag färgar och fixar med mitt hår mycket detta gör underverk
Chatarin Larsson, Sweden
Been using it for years, really helped me with my hair loss
The Best
I've been using the Manuka honey shampoo and conditioner for a couple of months and it has benefited my hair so much. It's made my hair stronger and thicker and also left an incredible shine. It lathers up really well and I can go a lot longer without having to wash it (which also benefits your hair). I definitely recommend this product.
Tried this shampoo today and I love it
Tried this shampoo today and I can say I love it. Perhaps the people that say it smells not very well don't like honey or honey smell. Personally I love the honey scent and it leaves my hair healthy and clean.
Strong Honey Smell
Strong Honey SmellThis shampoo has a strong honey smell and cleans well but I think you need the conditioner too for full benefit. I really don't enjoy that honey smell and looked foward to masking it with my generic moisturizing shampoo. Good results though.
Good shampoo with strong honey scent, but slow rinsing
My wife used this shampoo for a few weeks. It lathers well but is slow to rinse out. It left her long hair shiny and soft and smelling of honey -- it has a potent honey aroma. In all, a good shampoo that frustrated her a bit because it took more time to rinse from her long hair.
A. H.,
Love the honey smell, performs OK
This has a definite honey smell and if you are not a fan of honey then you probably wont like that. It has a very thick and lush lather with very little product and while the honey smell seems strong at first it dissipated fairly quickly. It does seem a bit pricey for what you get. I used my own conditioner with it, my hair was easy to comb and styled fined. I think this shampoo is OK but I don't love it.
Stone Kris,
Works as well as any other brand, has an odd scent
Very odd scent - I've had manuka honey products before, and this is not the scent I associate with it. I've been using various shampoos, both organic and non-organic - for a while now, and honestly, I can't see much difference in my hair between this shampoo and something from a more well known brand like Tigi. It does sud nicely and leaves my hair feeling soft, but not moreso than any other brand, honestly.
Storm the Penguin,
Does a Good Job
My husband and I are beekeepers. This shampoo smells like very old honey. But, honey never goes bad and the smell dissipates within the hour. The honey and aloe vera do have some restorative properties, in that it helps my dry colored hair feel soft. This shampoo makes tons of lather with just a small amount. This bottle will last me a good while. Organic Doctor Manuka Honey, Shampoo, 9 Fluid Ounce
Spot On,
Smells Like Honey and Does Not Foam
The bottle is a lot smaller than most shampoos. The cap is easy to pop open. It definitely smells like pure honey when you open it. There is virtually no foaming action, which may be a good thing because it indicates less chemicals.It does not tingle but feels okay. It seems to clean as well as any other similar product. My wife has been using it and indicated that it leaves no knots and no hair static. She is using it without conditioner and her hair blow dries fine.
Michael A. Newman,
Good lather and performance; thick consistency; unusual scent
I like the performance of this shampoo. It lathers very well, rinses clean without any sticky residue, and does not dry out my hair. It has a thick consistency which is great in terms of value -- only a little is needed for a full head of lather.I'm not as thrilled with the scent. It's unusual -- I can clearly smell the honey when sniffing it out of the bottle, and it is not (to my nose, at least) all that pleasant. However, in actual use, the scent is not all that noticeable, and it does not linger at all after rinsing. Still, a little less scent would have been a plus.
Bee-utiful Shampoo
If honey isn't on your favorites list, stay away from Organic Doctor Manuka Honey Shampoo. It looks like honey, feels like honey and smells like honey--well, pretty darn close! There are differences, however, with this honey shampoo and the honey that we sweeten tea with; the shampoo version is a much lighter hair-friendly product.Let's put it this way, honey. I have three different shampoo bottles in my shower, and the Organic Doctor Manuka Honey Shampoo is the one I reach for most often. I just find it refreshing and restorative. Speaking of restorative, after I use the shampoo, my hair feels soft and youthful. When you consider the price and the product, I would definitely recommend this shampoo.
Cleans, but also stripped my hair of natural moisture
My tween and I both thought this shampoo was just okay. The honey scent isn't bad, but I wouldn't call it pleasant, either. It's definitely not one I'd seek out again.Likewise, the shampoo itself was just okay. I felt like I needed to use a lot more than with my normal shampoo because it didn't spread or lather up well. Additionally, after rinsing this shampoo out, my hair felt deprived of moisture even when it was still wet. This caused me to use about twice as much conditioner than normal. So, I guess my hair was clean, but also stripped of natural oils.I'll finish the bottle, but I won't order this again. And my tween won't even use it at all after a couple of attempts.
J. Weaver,
Quality product but did not notice difference in my hair or scalp
This shampoo is a nice product and I like the idea of using organic and natural ingredients like honey, aloe and comfrey root, all free from parabens, phthalates and artificial colors and preservatives. However, the consistency is super thick - like cold honey, and I had to use more shampoo than usual to feel like I had enough to reach my scalp for a thorough cleansing. The scent is pleasing and natural. I have medium textured hair, prone to frizziness in humid weather, and this shampoo did not improve my hair texture/feel nor did it add shine. My scalp did not feel any better, nor did it reduce normal hair loss. My hair did seem stronger, less prone to breakage, so that was an improvement. It is definitely NOT harsh or drying, as many of the popular brands tend to be for my hair. Overall I would suggest trying this product if you have need of a shampoo that may “restore, revitalize, nourish” your hair/scalp as the label claims, but I think results may depend on hair type.
Ron Wis,
Cleans your hair.
Works ok. Nothing really extraordinary about this shampoo. Seem to do a good job of getting your hair clean like most shampoos.
James A. Nichols,
Smells very good, like honey
Smells very good, like honey. Makes a lot of lather. I decided to try this without the matching conditioner. I have normal-to-dry color-treated hair. It wasn't hard to comb out when wet using a wide-tooth comb. However, without using any conditioner, my hair felt a little dry after blowing it dry, and it had no sheen. It wasn't like static flyaway hair, just a little dry. If you have normal-to-oily hair, this may be enough without using any conditioner at all.
Nacho Libra,
This cleans ok and lathers nicely, but the scent is not my favorite
This cleans ok and lathers nicely, but the scent is not my favorite. It is very strong. I don't find myself reaching for it simply because the smell overwhelms me and isn't my favorite. It isn't a product I would purchase again based on scent alone.
Organic honey shampoo
Small bottle, but it doesn't take much to get my hair clean. It really does smell like honey, almost as if it contains real honey - to the point that I was almost concerned about the product attracting ants to my bathroom, but so far that hasn't been a problem. If you are looking for a shampoo that leaves a lasting scent in your hair, then this isn't for you. Leaves hair nice and clean, with no residue but not too dry.
C. A. Boswell,
Nice scented, natural shampoo
My family has used several different Organic Doctor products, and I really like the brand's stance on making natural, healthy products. This Manuka Honey Shampoo is free from parabens, phthalates, harsh preservatives, etc... I especially appreciate that they do not test on animals, and the try to make Vegan-friendly products. This particular shampoo is suitable for vegetarian lifestyles, so that is great! This shampoo has a very light, refreshing honey scent. My hair is really thick normally, and even more so a month post-natal, and it tends to be dry and frizzy. I've used this shampoo every other day for the past week, and it seems to clean as well as other similar shampoos; I didn't notice any extraordinary results or anything unusual. It really has a nice lather, rinses easily, and moisturized nicely. It left my hair soft. I plan to try the coordinating conditioner to see if I get even better results.
Allison Kuta,
Five Stars
It's shampoo. I don't really see a difference but it at least is natural/organic
Ryan Johnson,
Five Stars
Very good did the job
Miss F.ay,
Five Stars
Five Stars
Works very well on my hair.
Food for thought? No hair!!
Love this shampoo!! Makes my hair squeaky clean and keeps it that way!!Makes it shine, keeps it strong and keeps it healthy!!
Mary Sleater,
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