Tea Tree Lotion 200ml

(£4.25 per 100ml)
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Tea Tree Lotion 200ml

(£4.25 per 100ml)

Purifying Tea Tree Skin Lotion

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Key Benefits: Invigorating, Purifying, Moisturising

Skin type: Oily, problem skin

Best for: Oily, problem and blemish prone skin

  • A non-greasy formulation to hydrate and invigorate the skin
  • Leaves skin feeling refreshed, purified and naturally healthy
  • Enriched with Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter to nourish, protect and hydrate the skin
  • Helps to combat oily skin

how to use

Apply liberally to the skin. Repeat as often as required. Suitable for use all over the body.

advisory information

Not for internal use. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not apply to broken or irritated skin. If sensitivity occurs discontinue use. Avoid this product if you are allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place.

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Contents: 200ml
Aloe barbadensis leaf juice powder†, Aqua, Caprylic/capric triglyceride, Polyglyceryl-3 methylglucose distearate, Glycerin, Isocetyl palmitate, Cetearyl alcohol, Myristyl myristate, Olea europaea (Olive) oil unsaponifiables, Pyrus malus (Apple) fruit extract†, *MELALEUCA ALTERNIFOLIA LEAF OIL (KEY ACTIVE: Tea Tree)†, Theobroma cacao (Cocoa) seed butter†, Butyrospermum parkii (Shea) butter†, Glyceryl caprylate, Tocopherol, Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) seed oil, Glycyrrhetinic acid, Retinyl palmitate, Chondrus crispus (Carrageenan) extract, Xanthan gum, Sodium benzoate, Potassium sorbate, Citric acid, Sodium phytate, Limonene. † organic

This organic product is packaged in a fully recyclable HDPE plastic tube with a PP plastic cap.

It can be recycled with other HDPE and PP plastic at the kerbside by local authorities who usually collect plastic packaging. To recycle, clean as required and pop into your recycling or take to the nearest collection point.

Check what your local authority in the UK collects here: https://www.gov.uk/recycling-collections.

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customer reviews 4.5 out of 5 (34 reviews)

I ignored the highly toxic meds I got for a sports rash and used Tea Tree Skin Lotion instead with excellent results. Although the label says Do not use on irritated skin, it was a superb healer on a rash than had eaten away a layer of my flesh in a painful spot. It's now my go-to remedy for that particular ailment and for generally cracking hands on skin. This product should be singled out as a healer rather than beauty product, in my view.
Wess Stoicy,
So good so far
Well pleased with the your teetree oil shampoo and conditioner.
Makes my hair & skin feel silky.
Hair with a bounce and looking shine.
Miss Sharron Gilbert,
Moisturing, Comforting Skin Cream
Comforting and moisturizing, this cream boasts the benefits of tea tree oil, which I like very much. fresh smelling and invigorating this works wonders on dry scratchy skin.
Good moisturizing lotion that absorbs quickly
This lotion smells wonderful but not overpowering or medicinal. It moisturizes well and absorbs quickly. A little goes a long way. I gave it four vs five stars due to personal preference of a cream vs a lotion. If this came in a heavier cream formula, it would be a 5 star product for me.
D. Tobin,
Ingredients seem good, but not a fan of the scent
I like the fact this cream is organic which is a modern fad, and ingredients seem healthful. My skin feels soft after I use this cream.However, I dislike the scent. The scent is lemony, but it reminds me more of the lemon scent used in household cleaners rather than a more gentle and pleasant citrus scent used in cosmetics
Eagle Eyes,
Perhaps a little expensive but worth the price
I've never used a lotion with tea tree in it before and I'm pleasantly surprised by how nice it is. The overall scent isn't overpowering and has a freshness to it. I love that it's all organic and natural and has cocoa and shea butters in it. I use it after I shower and it leaves my skin feeling soft and not greasy or heavy. Even though it is pricy, you get what you pay for and I'd say it's worth it.
Great for natural fungus reducer while also the best moisturizer out there!
For the record, I hate the scent of Tea Tree oil. But I desperately needed something to help deodorize my feet AND moisturize and this did the trick. I have been wearing sandals all summer and I found that this was the one foot lotion that worked wonders on the callouses. I'll put up with the smell!!NO oily residue, soaks in greatSTINKS like Tea Tree (some people like it, I don't)Helps keep buggies off me too (nice!)Super moisturizing!
Thick, luxurious lotion
This skin lotion is very thick and creamy and nourishing. It does have a strong tea tree smell, so if you don't like tea tree oil, you won't want to purchase this. I think it's perfect for using on my feet and their callouses, because most feet can use the anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that are in tea tree oil.Since I don't want to smell like tea tree oil all day, I apply this to my feet and legs at night instead. I really do love the thickness of the cream, and I'm hiding it in my bedroom so my kids don't waste it.
Busy Mom,
Really nice lotion
I am just loving this brand. It has been wonderful quality and very effective at great prices.This is a nice tea tree lotion. I would say it's a little heavier than a lotion. It has that bracing tea tree scent but it is well balanced. It's not overwhelming and is light enough not to make you smell. The lotion is very gentle. Even as scented as it is, it's not the least bit irritating. There is a pleasant cooling feeling on irritated skin. This did a great job on a patch of excema on my elbow. It cleared the scaly patch but it also made it less irritating while it healed. The lotion feels very rich and not watered down.
half fast farmer,
Tea Tree Stimulates, Shea and Coca Butters Hydrate
From the man of the family: especially after working outside in the summer heat, I tend to get rashes. I also get rough hands, sunburn and a few abrasions and cuts from time to time. I like a good, healing lotion. I know from experience that tea tree extract helps me with these issues. I especially like that the ingredients are bioactive -- meaning they are alive, haven't been pasteurized to death. Also, it's important that this is organic. When using something on your skin, it's good to know there are no preservatives or bad chemicals in it as these would also be absorbed into your body.The cream itself is white, non-greasy and absorbs readily. Tea tree oil is often an astringent used to stimulate and clean the skin, so the hydrating effect is provided by coca and shea butters. You get 6.8 fl. oz. or 200 ml in the squeeze tube, which is good value for your $12 (with free Prime shipping available).Recommended.
Dean Family,
Organic Doctor Tea Tree Skin Lotion
There are a couple of products on this page--this review is for the organic tea tree skin lotion. The texture is thick, not watery, it goes on smoothly and my skin looks and feels hydrated. If unfamiliar with the fragrance, tea tree oil has a scent reminiscent of a household cleaning agent.But although it smells harsh it has numerous antiseptic/soothing/healing skin properties. The dominant fragrance is unmistakably tea tree oil, but it is slightly muted, dissipating within a few minutes. The lotion is quite pleasant and is readily absorbed without any sticky or oily residue.The large 6.8 ounce tube has a flip top lid, just squeeze to dispense. The lotion may be used all over the body although it is noted on the tube that it should be used on dry, rough skin. Aloe leaf juice is the first ingredient followed by water and glycerin. Other ingredients include cocoa butter, Shea butter, tea tree oil, olive oil, sunflower seed oil and vitamin E.I appreciate that the company does not test their products on animals and that they take care in the components used. Within the lotion itself there are 70 to 100 percent organic or natural ingredients. The product contains no parabens, artificial colors or harsh preservatives. I have experienced no sensitivities to the lotion. Excellent.
M. Hill,
R. Joiner,
Five Stars
Very good, as advertised
Godfrey C. Ndubuisi,
A natural anti-itch moisturizing lotion
I would rather use natural products than chemically concocted OTC products to effectively cure or alleviate skin irritations. If you've never heard of tea tree, look it up on the Internet. Yes, it smells a bit weird, but then, it's a plant and not all plants have pleasant fragrances. Once applied, the tea tree product's smell will disappear in minutes. Besides if the product works, the smell is tolerable. The important thing is that it works naturally! I spent several hours a week ago in my yard pulling tall grasses without wearing appropriate attire. If I had worn long garden gloves (yes, I have them to wear for pruning roses), I would not have ended up with a horrible itch accompanied by raised flat bumps on both arms from grabbing up piles of this dried stuff to dump into the yard barrel. This organic tea tree skin lotion not only treated the inflammation but also calmed and moisturized the skin on my arms.
Retired Community College Instructor,
I believe the tea tree oil makes a BIG difference from other lotions
So I had a weird looking dry patch on my face for a couple of months (ringworm?). I was putting lotion on it, but it wasn't helping. I tried putting coconut oil and tea tree oil on it, but I must have gone too heavy on the tea tree.Used this stuff, and everything cleared up. Can't be sure if it was just a matter of timing... Correlation does NOT equal causation, but it would make sense that this product would work.My daughter also loves it for her legs after shaving. Says she gets less rashes.
Troy Edwards,
Very heavy, greasy product
This is a creamy, heavy moisturizing cream.The scent is somewhat like a light wintergreen combined with a strong herbal, woody note. It is very strong, almost overwhelming. On hands or feet, this might work, but I'd hesitate to use it anywhere near my nose, like neck, shoulders, or face. If you are at all sensitive to fragrances, I can pretty much guarantee you won't like this.This is a very greasy lotion that stays on the skin and won't rub in. I gave it a while but eventually had to grab a towel and wipe it off. This is a real problem for a daily lotion, as it gets everywhere until it is cleaned off.Good if you are looking for something really heavy, not so good for general use.Sean Logue, 2017
Sean Logue,
A Tea Tree Lotion that excels in the same way that Tea Tree Shampoos and Conditioners do
I use this as a body lotion. I had never thought of using a Tea Tree Skin Lotion before, though I love it for both a shampoo and conditioner. Having tried it I love it, though I don't want to get it near my eyes. But despite that hesitancy, I have found that it makes an excellent shampoo for every part of my body. I had a bad accident with my leg and as it healed I was worried about the color of the scar. Using the Tea Tree Lotion the skin on my injured leg got better and better and even the scarred area began to heal and look a whole lot better. So if you are looking for something a bit better for your skin, I would urge your trying this. To put it bluntly, I had zero expectations for it, but it nonetheless greatly exceeding my hopes for what it would do. It is now, in fact, one of my favorite lotions. It is very nearly as good a lotion as it is a shampoo or conditioner. So, I highly recommend this.
Robert W. Moore,
Tea Tree works!
I've used several Organic Doctor products before, and really like the brand's stance on making natural, healthy products. This lotion is free from parabens, phthalates, artificial colors, and harsh preservatives. I especially appreciate that they do not test on animals, and the try to make Vegan-friendly products. I suffer from dermatillomania on my upper-arms, and often Tea Tree essential oil and products to treat it. Honestly, the smell of Tea Tree takes some getting used to -- it's a very strong, medicinal, acrid scent. It works, though! I use this Organic Doctor Organic Tea Tree Skin Lotion before bed, so my morning shower takes care of the smell. I've been using it just for a few days, and have noticed it has already helped with healing the scars and smoothing uneven skin tone. The first time I used it, I had applied it to one arm and immediately had a cool, soothing feeling. The mix of aloe vera, cocoa and shea butter, really helps with that invigorating, refreshed feeling. It is a light, silky lotion, that applies easily and isn't sticky or greasy. I'm really happy with the results already!
Allison Kuta,
Good mid-weight body lotion
SMELL:So this is, as named, a Tea Tree skin lotion. It smells mildly of tea tree oil. I like the smell of tea tree oil and use it in other applications so I like the smell of this lotion. But if you don't like the smell of tea tree, you won't like this smell (although it is quite a mild smell as compared to directly smelling the essential oil).HYDRATION:As tea tree oil is primarily antiseptic/astringent, I wasn't sure that a tea tree skin lotion would be very hydrating. But this has cocoa and shea butters so I gave it a shot. I would call this a mid-weight moisturizer. It sinks in quickly and is not greasy, as advertised (and this is unsurprising since tea tree oil is an astringent). It feels pleasant going on and glides on without tugging. However is is not what I'd call a heavy or rich skin lotion, and at my age (55) that's what I need - a rich lotion. So, 4 stars from me, though younger women would probably prefer this.TEA TREE OIL:Tea tree oil is good for bites, stings, and acne. It is microbial and can be used to treat eczema, fungus, lice, dandruff, mold, infection, many things. It can also be used as a cleaner, which is I guess why the tube says cleansing and moisturizing, Tea Tree oil is kind of an odd choice for a moisturizer but I guess this would be perfect for someone who had eczema or similar, and also needed a moisturizer.BOTTOM LINE:Good, non-greasy mid-weight moisturizer which smells mildly like tea tree oil.
B. Junkin-Mills,
Antifungal, Antibacterial, and has a nice cooling effect
Besides getting very dry and sensitive skin as I've gotten older, I've also gotten pickier about what I and my family put on our bodies. So the first thing I did with Organic Doctor is check out where there products are made, and where they are sold. They are made in England, and they are sold in the EU. This is important to me because the EU has higher standards than the US and they are more than willing to give high fines to violators. The latter tends to make companies more careful about where they source their ingredients.The other thing I saw when the product arrived was that it was safe for Vegans, and more importantly, not tested on Animals.As far as the lotion I love it. I have a heavy duty lotion that I use for the harshest weeks of winter, but this might very well be my lotion for all the rest of the time.WHAT I LIKE--No animal testing--Organic--No Parabens, No SLS, No Phthalates--It has a mild, pleasant, non-descript scent.--I would say that it's a medium weight lotion. By which I mean it goes on easily and mostly absorbs in, EXCEPT for a moist layer on the top of your skin. Younger women might not need nor like this layer but my old skin LOVES it. It makes my skin look younger and I've seen an improvement in how it feels. It's reducing moisture loss.--Cools. I'm not sure which ingredient is responsible for the cooling effect, but every time I've used this lotion there is a nice cooling effect. And this might be good for a sunburn.--at least 38% Terpinen-4-ol. This is the active ingredient in tea tree oil. It's anti-fungal and antibacterial.=================================Review of ORGANIC DOCTOR TEA TREE SHAMPOOI started using Tea Tree Shampoos about a year ago when suddenly in early March I developed itchy eyebrows and scalp. Never did identify what caused them but since I have a host of allergies it could be one of them, or it could be something else.I discovered was that a lot of the itchy problems were sulfates. Apparently after half-a-century of living my body has decided it doesn't like this common soap/shampoo ingredient. I also found that I like the scent of Tea Tree oil and that once I started using it, my eyebrows stopped itching.ORGANIC DOCTOR's shampoo is really nice. My son tried it once and requested that we add it to our Subscribe & Save. This from a 15 year old boy. Apparently he likes how it leaves his hair feeling and looking. He's into sports so let me assure you that it cleans very well.I've used it for about 6 different washes and I haven't found it drying my hair out. My teen daughter and husband like it to. I REALLY LIKE that it's organic, has no SLS's nor Parabens nor Phthalates.Try this for a change and to get away from harsh chemical. Also if you suspect you might have a mild case of fungus or hair mites. Tea Tree Oil is a natural fighter of fungi and bacteria.
A Mom with Kids and Fur Kids,
It Softens Skin Literally ALL OVER My Body; However, It Does Have a Slightly Bad Scent that Dissipates with Time
I am in my fifties but look as though I am in my forties. Why? I don’t smoke, I don’t lie out in the sun, I drink a lot of water, and I use lotion on my face and body. Lotion helps to plump up your skin and fill in those annoying wrinkles around your eyes. I like the Organic Doctor body lotions. I’ve tried several of them. They are all very wholesome and nourishing. They are “wholesome” because their ingredients are natural. The chief ones are aloe juice and water. Aloe Vera is very good for the skin. It is used on burns. I normally use Suave Skin Solutions Body Lotion, Soothing with Aloe; it is very economical and effective. Other lotions have listed alcohol as the chief ingredient. I cannot use them on my face and sensitive male body organs; for example, my face will become red and irritated after a week of usage. I can use the Organic Doctor Organic Tea Tree Skin Lotion literally ALL OVER my body. It does not redden or irritate my face and other sensitive areas. I’ve used it for over two weeks and haven’t experienced any allergic reactions. It is hypoallergenic. I also like the fact that Organic Doctor did not test this product on animals. (No animals have been harmed because of it.) Also, it doesn’t contain any animal products; therefore true vegans can use it. I can put this lotion on my skin in the morning and I can still feel it on my skin when I go to bed at night. I have jumped into the pool or shower and feel it on my body. This lotion is a creamy white fluid that is easily dispensed from its tube and spreads quickly and evenly over my body. It is rapidly absorbed but does not soon wear off, even when I sweat profusely on these hot summer days. The 6.8 ounce tube is convenient to carry in one’s purse or hand bag or man bag (in my case). I took it to my parents’ home when I visited them in Tennessee for a week-and-a-half. The only thing I didn’t like about this lotion is that it has a slightly distasteful odor. Fortunately, no one else seemed to notice it. It quickly dissipates with time. However, I found it repulsive. Believe me, my parents, especially my mom, are very opinionated and outspoken. My mom’s mouth has nearly lost its filter. If my parent could smell that lotion, if I had stunk, they would not have wasted any time telling me. They didn’t waste a moment telling me that I had gained weight. I hadn’t even walked into the front door before they were nagging me to death about my weight problem. Overall, I recommend the Organic Tea Tree Skin Lotion from Organic Doctor. However, I wish Organic Doctor would add a pleasurable scent to the lotion in order to remove or mask the odious one that is already present. When buying a lotion, one of the first things many customers do is open the top of its container and smell its contents. (That is one of the major appeals to shopping at Bath and Body Works and Yankee Candle; customers love to smell the enormous variety of scents that are in the store.) An unpleasant odor is going to be a very big turn off unless the customer is already familiar with the product. A bad scent can soon become a major marketing snafu.
J. B. Hoyos,
It stops dry skin
It relieves dry skin. It isn’t greasy so it rubs in good.
Joan Cassant,
Great product, will purchase again
I have skin breakout and have used several lotions and creams, this by far is the most soothing, non greasy, great smelling I have used. I’ll be purchasing again!
Joni L Slentz Van Fossan,
Not greasy
Not greasy. Great scent. Good ingredients. I really like this lotion.
john j,
Very good
Very good
Temp Pain Relief for Neuropathy.
Use for temporary neuropathy pain relief.
Amazing a must buy!
I have painfully dry skin and needed something with tea tree oil to avoid fungus at the gym. This has no fragrance so nothing to irritate my sensitive skin. Coats my skin and kept it from getting itchy after shaving my legs. It’s an all around win.
Works to keep my face clear
I was sad the tea tree barrier cream from this company is no longer available but this also works perfectly to keep my face clear. That's what I use it for, and it is a miracle for me in that way. I tried 2 years with a dermatologist, but only tea tree lotion worked. Please keep making this product.
Excellent product
Really pleased, high quality
Five Stars
Have bad dry skin and it works fine
Soothing and very good
I use this product for its antibacterial properties.
Brenda Jane Pike,
A rip off
It's much cheaper at H&B.
Wery good
Wery good
Tea tree cream
A bit weak on tea tree front
Gina Williams,
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