Tea Tree Face Wash 200ml

(£3.75 per 100ml)

Tea Tree Face Wash 200ml

(£3.75 per 100ml)

Purifying, gentle face wash

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Key benefits: Deep Cleansing, Stimulating, Refreshing

Skin type: Oily, problem skin

Best for: Oily, combination and blemish prone skin

  • Infused with Mandarin, Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel
  • Mandarin is rich in Vitamin C, enhancing a natural glow
  • Aloe Vera helps replenish and soothe the skin
  • Witch Hazel helps to dry out blemishes and is rich in antioxidants which effectively fights bacteria

how to use

Wet face then gently massage a small amount of face wash over the skin in circular motions, focusing on the forehead, nose and chin. Rinse with cool water.

advisory information

Not for internal use. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not apply to broken or irritated skin. If sensitivity occurs discontinue use. Avoid this product if you are allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place.

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Contents: 200ml
Aloe barbadensis leaf juice powder†, Aqua, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Sodium cocoamphoacetate, Citric acid, Lauryl glucoside, Sodium cocoyl glutamate, Coco-glucoside, Decyl glucoside, Sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, *MELALEUCA ALTERNIFOLIA LEAF OIL (KEY EXTRACT: Tea Tree)†, Hamamelis virginiana (Witch hazel) leaf extract†, Pyrus malus (Apple) fruit extract†, Salix alba (Willow) bark extract†, Sambucus nigra (Elderberry) flower extract†, Citrus nobilis (Mandarin orange) oil, Citrus aurantium bergamia (Bergamot) peel oil, Cedrus deodara wood oil, Citrus paradisi (Grapefruit) peel oil, Citrus limon (Lemon) peel oil, Glyceryl laurate, Hydroxypropyl oxidized starch PG-trimonium chloride, Starch hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, Glycerin, Lactic acid, Sodium chloride, Sodium lactate, Urea, Levulinic acid, p-Anisic acid, Sodium benzoate, Potassium sorbate, Limonene. † organic

This organic product is packaged in a fully recyclable HDPE plastic tube with a PP plastic cap.

It can be recycled with other HDPE and PP plastic at the kerbside by local authorities who usually collect plastic packaging. To recycle, clean as required and pop into your recycling or take to the nearest collection point.

The carton is made from FSC-certified cardboard and can be recycled at the kerbside and most collection points.

Check what your local authority in the UK collects here: https://www.gov.uk/recycling-collections.

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customer reviews 4.8 out of 5 (61 reviews)

The only face wash I use
I have very sensitive skin and have found this product works really well with my skin.
I’ve been ordering online and found it so easy as you can see previous orders and delivery comes next day so a great service.
Melanie Davies, United Kingdom
Leaves Your Skin Feeling Fresh ...
Organic Doctor Tea Tree Face Wash will leave your skin feeling clean and invigorated. The tingle of witch hazel and the plentiful sudsing action are refreshing. Although the package says the wash is appropriate for all skin types, I did find it slightly drying and would recommend using a good moisturizer following your use of this face wash.
Working well.
This is a great smelling wash and I like the ingredient list. It seems to perform the same as my regular wash, so certainly glad I gave it a try.
Lindsey W,
Works well
I got this for my son who was having some acne issues. He uses this once a day and a blackhead cleaner twice a day, and has seen improvements in his skin. He's pleased with how it is working.
Fresh Scent
I love this face wash.It's a brightly scented liquid face wash; the scent really wakes me up. I believe it's the tea tree oil that smells so good.I can tell a difference after a couple of weeks of using the wash. My pores seem smaller and my face doesn't shine in the middle of the day. It clears the oil without leaving me dry skin.I definitely recommend this!
Patty MB,
Soft, healthy skin
My face generally breaks out in mild acne, and on occasion it can really break out, so I'll try just about anything, especially if it's more natural and organic. Being sensitive to fragrances, I'm glad that this has a light scent and smells fresh and clean. I've been using it about once a day for two or so months and it seems to work well. I still get breakouts but I do think they've lessened, plus my face feels softer (I'm usually on the dry side). I also have sensitive skin and this is nice and gentle. I'm definitely going to keep this as part of my daily skin regimen.
does not dry out my skin
I have very sensitive, eczema skin. Often times, my skin would break out in little red hives with the itch from Hell.Fortunately, this product did not make me break out. However, if you have sensitive skin like me, do a spot test first, just to be safe.I absolutely love this face wash. Generally, I use very mild products that are fragrance free, parabens free and sometimes even soap free. Problem is, those products sometimes don't clean that well, it seems. I have never used a product that felt squeaky clean yet doesn't dry out my skin. This is a very gentle cleanser. It really feels like a quality, natural product. It feels like the citrus is what cleans my skin rather than harsh chemicals.Highly recommended! It smells good, cleans better than my Cetaphil cleanser, and a little bit goes a long way.
Snail Dealer,
Feels and smells great. Doesn't strip your face of moisture.
Having used Tea Tree-scented products, I expected a much stronger scent; this face wash is milder, with a scent that has a more lemon-orange smell and it's very pleasant, all-natural, and isn't at all overpowering. This liquid soap is colorless and is easily mixed with water to your desired strength, washes thoroughly, rinses off quickly, and doesn't leave your skin completely stripped of moisture. It reminds me of Burt's Bees men's facial wash, another good choice -- and at a similar price point. Although I don't currently have a sunburn, I would imagine this face wash would be very soothing as it contains Aloe Vera. As it is, my skin really feels great after this: clean and not coated, tighter but not dry.
Excellent for smoothing and cleaning your face, and there is no reaction.
I picked this partly because I have had a dermatitis with scaly dry patches over my sun spots. The product description said that there were oils, including Tree Tea Oil. When I got it I realized this face wash includes witch hazel, so I had no idea what to expect with my dry patches.I bought a very good exfoliator from my beautician, and it helped, but I still had a bit of bumpiness left over from my dark patches that my makeup would occasionally not cover completely, as with pores, due to it being very opaque. I had fairly high hopes for this product. I haven't had a PH Balanced face cleanser with oils, or one that is organic. I have trouble seeing results with most face washes.I know citrus is good for the skin because of the vitamin C. Mandarin and Lemon are some of the ingredients (as essences basically).I did a search. According to a site, with a Inspired Wellness Aromatherapy banner, featuring a former research biologist who is a former biology teacher, and who specializes in aromatherapy, the home page says, Tea Tree is an amazing oil. It's well known for having anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties due to its terpinin-4-ol content. Tea-tree is often used in skin care, and for immune and respiratory support. However, not everyone is a fan of the aroma. Luckily, other terpinin-4-ol rich oils can provide the therapeutic benefits of tea-tree with a different aroma profile. I am inclined to give this testimony credence.However, this face wash has no aroma problems as she describes. Also, the Witch Hazel ingredient doesn't burn or irritate me, and it is barely noticeable in my nose and on my face. It is just refreshing.This product works well for me doing the following: I take a pea-sized amount of the solution. It is fairly thick and very clear. I wet my face, and I apply, lathering with circular motions. I put too much on at first not knowing how it would behave coming out of the tube. The directions on the tube tell you what to do exactly. I used a warmed, damp facecloth, and I gently rubbed my face clean.This product leaves my face very clean, and with a sheen. I apply my 30SPF moisturizer which isn't very slick. Then I apply a product that is a moisturizer booster before I apply creme foundation and powder. Even though I'm exfoliating, and putting on a good cover makeup on my blotches, I see very little trace of the once very visible residue bumpiness. The exfoliating cleanser I use twice a week got the dry scaly skin, but not the roughness, which appears to be handled great by the smooth texture of my skin after using this product.Overall, I am pleased with this product and the results. Definitely a keeper in my opinion.
I bought this from Holland & Barrett, used it every day for 4 days and on 5th day my face- especially cheeks were beetroot red! Like burned. Dont know why it happened. When my skin started felling better I used it again, this time every second day and it was perfect. So, dont know why I got this reaction, but when use it not every day seems ok. Cleans skin nicely :)
Clean face
Nice not too strong smell and texture, leaves your face clean for sure. But gives me really dry skin, so those who have a dry skin, i would not recommend on using daily.
Justina Bernatavice,
Five Stars
really amazing stuff
Geoffrey Von Daniels,
Great Product
love how this product balances skin , controls the oil production
Great gentle face wash
Great wash for sensitive skin. My skin feels clean and refreshed after washing my makeup off with it. My kids use it and love it. Great for break outs or everyday use. Highly recommend!!
Been using this for years.
I have been using this for years and my local vitamin store is not carrying it now. It is so long lasting, not drying and anti bacterial. What's not to love.
Sandy F.,
Does dry out skin.moisturize after. Also brings out underlying acne so don’t use often or if having a break out put some on overnight and will be gone by morning. Smells great
allison gutjahr,
Purchased a second time
I have been having trouble finding a wash that cleans but does not dry out my skin. Plus it takes care of my adult breakouts.
B. Stranak,
Great for problem skin and acne without being harsh.
My children (pretten and teen) have used this wash exclusively for about 3 years. First bought at CVS but then couldn't find it. Amazon had it of course.The tea tree oil is good for the skin but not overdrying. Great for my combination skin and works great for the teens too.Love the natural ingredients.
Chrissy G,
I pair it with the toner and my skin is noticeably better the next day
I don't use this every day but when I start to notice I'm breaking out more I use this. I pair it with the toner and my skin is noticeably better the next day, I love it. It's gentle and does a fantastic job
Karen McCabe,
Great face wash
I actually really like this face wash and I’m normally not a face wash person. The scent is natural and barely noticeable. I have sensitive combination skin and this caused no problems. My skin actually looks brighter and fresher after just one use. The ingredients are almost all organic except for a few stabilizers. Highly recommend for any skin type.
Tea trees save lives.
I try to wash my face very infrequently when possible because overwashing just gets it to produce more oils. But when I need to remove makeup or I will wash my face anyway (shower), I really like this wash. It seems completely natural, gentle, and I don't feel it chipping away at my microbiome.Seems to be a health- and eco-conscious product.
Very good.
A little goes a long way with this; Just a dab lathers up nicely. What I like most is that it cleans my face of oils without drying it out. I was a bit curious about whether or not the tea tree would burn, or be too harsh, but it's not. This is a great product for cleaning your face at the end of the day. Recommended
Dean Burns,
Very Good Organic Cleanser – Vegan, No Animal Testing
One of the main ingredients in this face wash is tea tree oil. It is extracted from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia tree which grows mostly in Australia & New Zealand. It may or may not have antiseptic properties – research has been inconclusive.This face wash is quite gentle on my sometimes sensitive skin but there are ingredients that may irritate very sensitive skin. Various oils (lemon peel, orange peel, grapefruit peel, bergamot oil, cedarwood oil), tea tree oil, witch hazel & willow bark may be irritating.This is a gel cleanser that lathers lightly & rinses away clean. My skin did not feel “stripped” after using it. It does not leave a scent on the skin but has a slight medicinal scent when using which is mostly the tea tree oil.This company is from Swansea, UK & this face wash is made in the E.U.. Organic Doctor is known for its “natural”/organic products. I’m glad to see them being sold in the USA because they are a good quality & meet E.U. standards.This is suitable for Vegans/Vegetarians & is not tested on animals.
Not for everyone, but worth a try...
Ever since I opened up this product, my high school daughter has claimed it as her own. She seems to really like it, though I'm not sure it has been beneficial for her complexion. She typically has minor acne on her face, but in the past couple of months - during which she has been using this product on her face - her acne has been getting worse. Since not much else has changed in her daily habits, I have to assume that the use of this product is at least partly to blame for the complexion problems. Still, she keeps using it. It is nearly gone, at this point, and I have used it a few times, too. I thought it seemed like a good product. My face was a bit tingly after using it, but not in a bad way. I liked it well enough, but I probably won't purchase it in the future because I don't really want my daughter using it anymore.
N. Beitler,
Gave this to my sister who struggles with acne. ...
Gave this to my sister who struggles with acne. After 4 days all her acne was gone, and there were just a few dark spots left over from scaring (nothing some frankincense won't clear up) she now swears by it. her pores are clean and her zits are gone.
Good Lather; Mild Scent; But Strong Cleansing
This face wash has several good things going for it: it lathers nicely, has a very mild scent, and definitely does a good job with facial cleaning. The only downside from my perspective is that the cleaning factor is a bit too harsh -- my skin runs slightly on the dry side, and this cleanser left a rather astringent/dry feeling to my face. I still like the lather and almost un-noticeable scent (I'm really not a fan of strong floral scents in face washes), so I'll continue using the bottle, but I do follow each washing with a fairly strong moisturizer. For those with normal to oily skin, this is definitely recommended. For those with dry to very dry skin, you may want to look for a gentler cleanser.
NY to VA,
Great, effective, and pure
This Organic Skincare Doctor Tea Tree Face Wash is a wonderful product which I would recommend to everyone. I love the scent from the blend of Tea Tree Oil, the Red Mandarin Oil, the Lemon Oil, and the various other oils and extracts. Your face feels really clean and refreshed after using this. I followed the instructions and rinsed with cool water when I was finished massaging this into my face (focusing on the T zone using circular motions).It makes a nice low to medium sudsy wash.As I was finished, I realized the pores of my face felt really cleansed and terrific.I will definitely buy this again!
Jean Katherine Baldridge,
Mild face wash
I've been using this to wash my face on a nightly basis and have not been disappointed. It's not tricky to use -- just place a small dribble on your hands and rub directly on face. It has lathered up nicely, has a very mild citrus smell, and rinses off without leaving any greasy or sticky residue on your face. The 200mL bottle is quite large and will likely last me at least six months, if not longer. The price is reasonable for a quality face cleanser. The bottle notes the product is made in the EU and the manufacturer is a UK company.I'm not great at analyzing ingredient lists of beauty products, but it does seem like there's a sizable list of natural/organic products inside. Nor am I an expert of face wash, as I generally use the same body wash I have in my shower to clean my face in the evening. After all the hot summer days, and especially in sunny California where the use of sunscreen on the face is absolutely necessary, this product does a great job of cleaning up ones face at the end of the day.
Michael S.,
i would def buy again.
Jessica W,
fabio nunes desouza,
Your face feels clean.
It keeps your face clean and skin clear.
Joan Cassant,
I like
I like
Hong Castleman,
Four Stars
Highly Recommend
Love it!
Love this product. Definitely helped with my breakouts. Cleared my skin up! Leaves my skin looking flawless
Five Stars
l have rosacea and it did not irritate my skin !!
Love this!
Love how my face feels after this! Refreshing and tingly every time. I use it mainly in the am and a deeper cleaning one at night, just personal preference.
jessica klarmann,
Five Stars
Love my go to gentle but cleans
It works good
It works good
Daughter loves it.
Great face wash
A little different than the original, but I wouldn’t wash my face with anything else
Donna Caruthers,
Amazing product.
I wish I had this product 15 yrs ago. Will make life easier.
The best!
I have sensitive skin and this is super gentle and effective, so my skin is clean but not dried out
Marija Savic,
Gentle and cleansing
Really love this. I have sensitive skin and am often worried tea tree will burn or give me a reaction but find this really cleansing bandbox purifying, best when used with a washcloth.
I'm very pleased
I was in love with another brand, that had meen recommended by a dermatologist and I had used for years...until the company changed the formula and I was not so crazy about it. Upon reading the recommendations from others I gave this a try and have been very pleased. My complexion has never looked better. It cleans make up off well, neutral fragrance, gentle. All good. Give it a try.
I use both these products daily. The face wash is excellent pre shaving and the moisturiser is good in the summer. However the seller grossly overcharged the normal price I pay in Holland and Barretts so I won't use this seller again
Anthony Summers,
I’ve been using this for a very long time and I think it’s really skin friendly.
Great For Oily/Combination Skin
I would describe my skin as combination and this face wash works great. I use it in the shower and it is a little drying on the dry area of my skin but keeps my face clear, having had spots before using it. I moisturise the dry areas of my face after showering and works great!
Gentle yet effective
I love this face wash, very gentle yet effective. I also use Dr Organic Moroccan Argan Oil skin lotion as a moisturiser on my face afterwards... Love them both!
Five Stars
Great face wash!
Five Stars
Very good
Five Stars
Good product
Kari Middleton,
Best facial wash I've used. My skin isn't super oily, but is acne prone. Non drying.
Alert! It is that good that is prone to side effects
This is the point, either you have Rosacea, Acne or blepharitis what you are trynna get rid off is a small mite of the skin called DEMODEX which the recent evidence is starting to relate to those conditions. For my eyes my ophthalmologist prescribed tee tree wipes called cliradex, but I could not start the treatment as I was also prescribe long term contact lenses for other issues. In my case the symptoms that pointed to DEMODEX was a small white debris that show up every morning round my eyelashes. Before I had time to start the tee tree wipes this Face Wash wiped out any signs of the debris by the end of the first week I started using it, but soon after my skin got irritated, my flatmate tried it for Rosacea and actually caused him skin redness, he thought it was an allergic reaction and I did not agree. I thought actually if this kills DEMODEX the first reaction would be going worse, indeed later on his doctor prescribed Soolantra which is a mite killer and anti-inflammatory and now he is Rosacea free. I am aware Soolantra is free only in Scotland and yes If I was in England I would try this before spending zillions on private prescriptions but be careful it is effective because is very strong, finally my ophthalmologist suggested to water it down. To sum up, What sets apart this product from any alternative is the promised concentration of Terpinen-4-ol >38%. From my experience this MUST be true but up to the point that may cause side effects, use it with as much care as a delicate medicine. Good luck with it.
Absolutely love this product
Absolutely love this product! It's the only face wash I've used that actually does the job. Doesn't get enough credit
Not for my skin type, otherwise good product
melinda bode,
The BEST face wash product!
This product is hands down the best face wash I have ever used.
I have oily/combination skin that is sometimes really sensitive also, and it works really well for me. I use it every day in the shower, and it doesn't strip my skin or makes it feel tight in any way. My skin is clear, smooth and redness free.
It is so good that when we run out of it at home, I can tell straight away if my husband has used something different, his skin gets bad almost instantly!
I tell everyone about it, I can't rave about it enough!
My Go-To Cleanser
I’ve had acne problems for 3-4 years now, from blackheads to cystic and everything in between. For the past 1.5 years I’ve been using this product and now it is my go-to and favorite cleanser. It does a good job at calming some of my inflammation and reducing oil buildup on my skin. Works great along with using pure tea tree oil (sparingly) as a spot treatment. I will say that if you have dryer skin this is probably not the best product because naturally tea tree oil has a drying effect.

***My only problem is the packaging. It's ok at home but almost always starts leaking a bit. I travel quite a lot and even if I have a new bottle and it hasn’t started leaking yet it has by the time I unpack. So if you travel with it but it in a separate bag!
Hopefully they’ll re-design / fix the packaging at some point.
Margaret, United States
Better than the rest
I bought it after I missed my normal `Garnier Refreshing Botanical Gel Wash with Aloe Extract ’ And am happy I did because I felt an improvement on my face after just 1 wash. Now days later am sure am never going back. Much love from
Monicah, Kenya
THE face wash!
Easily the best face wash I have ever used (and I have tried plenty). Even a friend of mine who stayed over and used it in the shower asked me where I got it from!
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