Tea Tree Blemish Stick 8ml

(£7.49 per 10ml)

Tea Tree Blemish Stick 8ml

(£7.49 per 10ml)

Purifying Tea Tree Blemish Stick

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Key benefits: Purifying, Soothing, Protecting

Skin type: Oily, problem skin

Best for: Oil, problem and blemish prone skin

  • Effective, topical barrier that helps to soothe, protect and assist in the development of clean, clear and healthy skin
  • Helps to soothe and calm blemish prone skin

how to use

Apply to appropriate area, use as required. Skin patch test is recommended for those with sensitive skin. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. If pregnant or suffering from a medical condition seek advice before use. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes, if product goes into eyes, rinse well with plenty of water. Store in a cool dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

advisory information

Not for internal use. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not apply to broken or irritated skin. If sensitivity occurs discontinue use. Avoid this product if you are allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.

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Contents: 8ml
Alcohol denat.††, Aqua, Aloe barbadensis leaf juice powder†, *MELALEUCA ALTERNIFOLIA LEAF OIL (KEY ACTIVE: Tea Tree) †, Acacia senegal gum, Xanthan gum, Limonene†. † certified organic, 58.55% organic, 99.94% natural origin. †† made using organic ingredients

This organic product is packaged in a fully recyclable glass jar with a PP plastic lid.

It can be recycled with other glass and PP plastic at the kerbside by local authorities who usually collect glass and plastic packaging. To recycle, separate the plastic lid from the glass pot and pop into your recycling or take to the nearest collection point.

The carton is made from FSC-certified cardboard and can be recycled at the kerbside and most collection points.

Check what your local authority in the UK collects here: https://www.gov.uk/recycling-collections.

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customer reviews 4.4 out of 5 (33 reviews)

very effective and cure pimple in no time
Salma Ahmed, Egypt
a title
this is awesome. it got rid of my pimple in one night. and it wasnt expensive. i recomend you buy it.
your name,
A different way to treat skin blemishes. The product rolls on so it is easy to target the area where you want it. It is also easy to carry and use not he go.
J. Jones,
Handy purse or travel size
A great portable face stick. It's a handy way to have the power of tea tree on hand anytime for breakouts. Small enough to keep in my makeup bag for anytime use.
Live Laugh Love More,
It help dry both out quickly and easily. It's easy to use and fits almost anywhere ...
I think this stick has more uses than just a beauty stick. We've not only used it for pimples, but we've used it for mosquito bite itching. It help dry both out quickly and easily .It's easy to use and fits almost anywhere with it's small size.
Akeem Pfannerstill,
Didn't get consistent results
I got this product for my 12yr old daughter that has mild acne. She used it and it din't really do much to her existing breakout. It absorbs into the skin, dries quickly, and doesn't sting. I used it on a pimple I had and it seemed to help with the redness but it would have gotten better by itself, not sure it was due to the gel. We'll try it again soon nd if anything changes will update the review.
Y. C. M.,
I like it - impressed
This is an interesting little acne spot treatment stick, made with all natural ingredients. I don’t get a lot of blemishes at my advancing age but I have used it on razor burn (blemishes) and it worked really well, without stinging or burning. I will have no issues putting this on my face when the time comes as it surely will. The active ingredient is 38% Terpinen-4-ol (the tea tree oil, I presume). I can’t really speak to claims about this being cleansing or moisturizing but it is soothing.Recommend.
Carol T.,
Pleasant scent and dries quickly which covers 50% of what I wanted in an ointment!
I am probably not the best person to ask about pimples as I think I've reached the age of my life where that won't happen much anymore. However, I do have whiteheads once in awhile and if I pick at them or irritate them I'm going to try this on them. When my daughter visits from college I shall have her try it as Heaven knows, she's tried everything made from breaking out on the face.I did like the smell and I did like how quick it dried. The lack of more stars is because I haven't much to use it on right now. I have had a recurring spot on my cheekbone and I've tried it there and it worked fine, but I was the one that irritated it. If I do have a breakout or my granddaughter loves it, I shall add to this review.
Will'o'the wisp,
Good, solid plan of attack for moderate blemish.
Non-irritating tea tree oil product with a moderate (bearable, not long lasting, but noticeable) tea tree oil smell intensity. A viable blemish fighter for moderate blemishes. Doesn't seem to affect tiny irritation under-skin bumps, and for those rare-and-horrid-monsters, this is no quick cure. However, for regular everyday small to medium blemish, this fights well and quickly. Roller ball top is non messy but also not the most hygienic application. However, roller ball prevents over application of tea tree oil (which can be overly drying in large amounts. Product applies thinly, but not entirely evenly, and will dry quickly. Intended as a spot treatment, not ideal for widespread issues.
L. Perry,
Effective and Portable
Three positives and a negative equal five stars. First, with teen boys, it is nice to have something for them to use on their face that doesn't scream that it's for a girl. Many of the products on the market are designed and promoted for girls. Second, this stick when used on an unopened (I know... yuck) or not-aggravated pimple or blemish, it speeds the healing. It really works. Third, it is small and can be discreetly carried in a school bag pocket. Lastly, the only negative... the writing on the little bottle was too hard for my old eyes to see. I had to get out the box and read it before I told my boys how to use it. Men and directions.... it's the same with boys.
Mom of Four Sons,
My go to beauty product
Great for acne
Great for spot treating.
My daughter uses this for spot treating her acne. It works great.
I do not see any difference whatsoever.
I mean, it is ok, but that is all. I do not see any difference whatsoever.
Natural way to get rid of acne
Works within a few days to clean up acne, smells like you are putting a tree on your face soooo.......I hope you like nature or your bedmate does...clear in color...but you can’t hide the smell
C. Taylor,
Not Perfect But A Great Option For The Application Of Tea Tree
I use tea tree oil for many uses and now love there is an available product designed for blemishes. And, how convenient this stick is…about the size of lip gloss…you can pop it into your purse or pocket for easy carry emergency repair. Because of the roller ball, you can control how little or how much you use of the product. I feel the product is moderately priced and it will become a permanent part of my blemish treatment process.
Douglas C. Meeks,
Effective on blemishes
I'm well past the stage of worrying about acne, but I do find old age blemishes developing and this beauty spot stick seems to be deoing the trick on them. I've also tried this on old age blemishes on my arms, and surprisingly this does seem to work on them. Yeah, I recommend it.
Neal Reynolds,
This stick is a good solution. It's small and easily transported
Getting tea tree oil in a form that is portable and stable is a challenge. Most of the time its sold in a low potency liquid syrum that is not really ideal for use on the go. This stick is a good solution. It's small and easily transported. And the co centration is strong enough to be very effective. Its a good compromise.
perfect size to put in purse
The size is a little bigger than a lip balm, perfect size to put in purse. The roller ball is easy to use. This design makes it easy to apply on face without making fingers greasy. The smell of tea tree oil is not strong and goes away in 5 minutes. The ingredient are natural and organic. Overall, it is a good-to-have product to put in make up bag.
Easy to apply tea tree blemish/pimple treatment
This besuty spot stick is a .27 oz tea tree acne/pimple treatment. It is in a easy roll on dispenser about the size of a sun screen Face stick. It has minimal ingredients of Alcohol denat, Alie leaf juice, water, tea tree oil, and hydroxypropl guar. Tea tree is a common antiseptic and abtifungal that can help heal blemishes. If you are looking for a tea tree treatment without a lot of extra ingredients in an easy to apply roll on stick, than this is a good option.
Organic blend
The liquid is a blend of alcohol denat - aloe barbadensic leaf juice - water -melaleuca altemifolia (tea tree leaf oil) -hydroxypropyl guar.> Being as it's not pure tea tree oil, it has a light scent of tea tree = but not near as strong as pure.Contains 38% Terpinen-4-ol which is considered beneficial for it's antimicrobialand anti-inflammatory properties.Approx 1/4 oz liquid - as thin & clear as water.Ran ball 3- 4 on arm to get it started, after that - the ball was coveredwith liquid and delivers evenly / nicely on face.
Works Well and Quickly!
I've used this a few times now on some inflamed, clogged pores on my face. After washing at night, I've applied this with the convenient rollerball and gone to bed. In the morning, the redness and soreness was gone and I had a whitehead that was easily relieved and went away quickly. It was awesome!I'll continue to use this when I need to but I'm pretty excited about it. It either eliminates the problems overnight or makes them more manageable and resolved quickly. It's pleasant and easy to use and dries quickly.I recommend that you try it, at least, for similar skin problems!I also want to try this on bug bites when I have the chance, and will update as to how it works. Tea tree oil is supposed to be a natural insect repellent as well as reducing the itching and inflammation of bites, while having antibacterial properties.
~*~ Sunshine ~*~,
Seems to work for me
I am very pleased with this product so far! I never had much acne in high school, but I got hit with some pretty deep, annoying cystic acne in college and it still continues to this day (in my 30s), although I do have it under much better control now than I used to.I usually use Burt's Bees Herbal Blemish Stick, 0.26 Fluid Ounce (Pack of 2)  to target the acne cysts that I have pop up every once in awhile. I also use it when I get welts on my face (which does not happen often, but seems to be a minor allergic reaction to something that I am unaware of). That blemish stick works almost every time on the cysts, as long as I hit the cyst as soon as I feel it forming. It also helps quell the welts on my face--almost immediately--each time they appear.I haven't had a cyst pop up yet to try the Tea Tree stick on--and I'm not complaining or wishing that one appears!--but I have used it on welts that popped up on my face; it helped clear them right away. I've also used it to treat the surface acne that appeared on my cheeks recently. After about a week of use, the acne on my cheeks seems less noticeable. It's still there--this isn't a miracle product--but it seems to help. I don't know if I can 100% attribute it to the Tea Tree stick--I've also been using honey & neem masks a couple times per week--but it seems to definitely help at some level.I find that this Tea Tree stick has a really nice smell--if you don't like tea tree oil, this is a little less strong as it's mixed with aloe and a couple other ingredients. The ingredient list is small, which is nice, and the cost of the product isn't too wild. I am very pleased with the product as a whole, and I might use this in conjunction with my Burt's Bees stick (which uses different ingredients) when I get a new cyst to attack it from all angles!
Dani Arteri,
Convenient, roll on applicator bottle
This Tea Tree Beauty Spot Stick from Organic Doctor is a convenient way to treat pimples with the active ingredient in tea tree oil - Terpinen-4-ol.I have a 14 year old son who is experiencing some break outs and he has been using diluted tea tree oil successfully for about a year now. This product comes in a small glass bottle with a roller ball applicator. The whole thing is a little larger than a Chapstick so it is conveniently sized. Although when we first opened it the roller ball was stuck in the top of the cap, we were able to close it tightly and then reopen it and the roller ball was in place. We have had no other issues with the roller ball and it functions correctly on the bottle we received.This smells strongly of tea tree oil but since it is not the actual oil, but the active ingredient in the oil, it dries quickly and isn't oily and the smell dissipates quickly. It does seem to have the same drying and anti-inflammatory properties that pure tea tree oil has. Terpinen-4-ol is known to have antibacterial and antifungal properties so it has long been used to treat acne topically and even toe nail fungus.Some people have reactions to essential oils so I would suggest trying a patch test for 48 hours to make sure you don't have any kind of allergic reaction. If it's all clear, wash the areas affected with a mild soap, pat dry, and then roll this product directly on the pimples. You can do this 2 or 3 times a day for red, inflamed pimples. You will notice improvement within a day or so but depending upon how large or inflamed the pimple is, it may take a few days to clear up completely. I don't know how well it works on deep, cystic acne, though.Don't use this near your eyes or mouth because it will sting.I have 7 children so we have tried almost every kind of OTC acne treatment known and tea tree oil works as well as the best of them. I like having it in this convenient bottle.
Hard to roll on. Treatment doesn't come out properly.
I feel like this would be good a good blemish spot treatment if the actual roller ball worked. When I apply the spot treatment into my pimples it doesn't roll much and if it does no product comes out. I'll have to run it on my arm a couple of times for it to release the treatment and then literally just dab it onto the pimple instead of rolling it on. But it does smell like strong tea tree which makes me feel it's made with good infridents.
i like it
Best thing on the market for dark spots
Best thing on the market for dark spots. my face looks fabulous. I used it a while back and it did wonders. I've been using it for 3 days and i see so much change already. Must Buy
Michelle M,
You will love it !!
One of my go to when I start to get any pimples , it is a wonderful product. I’m glad I gave it a try !!
Love it
The only stuff that will clear my acne
Love this!
Does what it’s suppose to do.
Emily Lane,
Works like magic
My teenagers love this stuff. Since we used up the first bottle, I have since bought quite a few more. It doesnt last very long, but it really does work, especially if they start using it the moment they feel a pimple coming. It can prevent them from getting big, and it works to make the bigger ones shrink faster. Not quite overnight, but pretty fast.
K. Hernandez,
I received the first one in my fab fit the fun box and we love it!! My daughter and I both have one now and it really helped to clear up any blemishes. We wil be reordeering for sure!!!
worth every penny!
I swear by this!
Jasmine Cree,
handy little stick to keep in your bag
use this all the time
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