Capture the passion of the tropics and allure the senses.

Best for replenishing and brightening whilst providing radiance and luminosity.



It’s thought that this exotic superfruit was first discovered in the 1500s and originates from southern Mexico. Through man, birds and other animals it was then spread to other warm areas of tropical America and the West Indies, where it still resides as a native of the Caribbean. Its enticing taste and sensational aroma have made it a popular fruit to eat and to use in skincare. It also helps that it’s abundant in vitamin C – four times more than the orange fruit.


Skincare products containing guava as an active ingredient can replenish and brighten your skin while helping to provide hydration. Using a range of ingredients including Aloe vera, shea butter, sunflower seed oil, coconut oil and cocoa seed butter our guava range is designed to help illuminate, refresh and moisturise.

Skin and Hair Benefits‬

Our coffee range is designed to energise your skin and hair, just like drinking caffeine can give you that boost when you need it. Whether it’s a stimulating blend of ginger, black pepper and guarana, an invigorating shot of chili or refreshing mint, our coffee range arouses the senses, leaving the skin polished and hydrated while strengthening and revitalising hair.

Beauty Boosting

The guava fruit can not only help your skin smell captivating - its properties can help your skin look and feel more luscious, too. Relax in its aroma and allow its exotic passion to capture the senses, replenishing, illuminating and brightening skin when you need an extra boost. Prepare for the day ahead with this treat from the tropics.

A Fruitful History

Portuguese colonisers brought the guava fruit from the New World. Asian countries adopted it as a crop, cultivating it and exploring its sugary taste. From there, it made its way to Egypt where it was used in recipes and then it travelled to the coasts of France. Since then, people around the world have been enjoying ‘Psidium guajava’, a little superfruit with a big taste and aroma which can take two to eight years to grow from a seed.

'Scentsational' Skin

With its spectacular aroma and abundance of vitamin C, guava can be a perfect addition to a skincare regime. Let its tropical, sweet smell support your skin and allow its properties to provide hydration and luminosity while brightening areas that may need a little support. Refresh, energise and radiate.

The Products

Our range of Guava products include Organic Guava Replenishing Gel Moisturiser, Organic Guava Brightening Facial Serum, Organic Guava Exfoliating Face Wash, Organic Guava Refreshing & Exotic Body Wash, Organic Guava Radiate & Brighten Gel Face Mask and Organic Guava Radiant Eye Serum. Worship your skin with this treat from the tropics.