Snail Gel

When Chilean snail farmers started noticing the remarkable healing, softening and scar-reducing effects of handling snails upon their hands, they quickly realised they had stumbled upon something that would change skincare forever. These little slow movers are incredible natural healers that secrete a protective balm that can prevent skin damage. We’ve cultivated this miracle balm in a breakthrough range of organic skincare products that can help to renew, restore hydration and pause the ageing clock.

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Snail Gel 50ml

2 reviews

Organic Snail Gel is a moisturising, soothing gel which harnesses the remarkable healthy - aging... ..


Snail Gel Cream 50ml

2 reviews

Dr Organic Snail Gel Cream combines a unique blend of bioactive, natural and organic ingredients... ..


Snail Gel Facial Serum 30ml

3 reviews

By combining Organic Snail Gel with a proprietary blend of bioactive, organic and natural ingredients... ..


Snail Gel Eye Serum 15ml

Dr. Organic Snail Gel Eye Serum combines a number of beneficial organic extracts with Helix... ..


Snail Gel Moisture Mask 10ml Sachet

1 review

Dr Organic Snail Gel Moisture Mask contains Helix Aspersa Muller secretion, a unique substance the... ..


Snail Gel Smooth & Protect Gift Set

1 review

A moisture-replenishing Twin Pack combining Snail Gel and Snail Gel Eye Serum. Both skin-revitalising serums... ..


Organic Snail Gel Gift Set

Snail gel is a complex secretion rich in healthy-ageing proteins as well as glycolic acid,... ..