A true hero of the ancient world, lavender is a remarkably potent, magical and sweet-smelling essential oil with a wealth of enchanting properties. This fascinating herb has been used for over two thousand years to calm, balance and illuminate, which is why we've conjured our own lavender-infused range to bewitch your senses, calm your complexion and bring the magic back to skincare.

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Lavender Pure Oil 10ml

2 reviews

This versatile and aromatic oil is renowned for its harmonising, nourishing and restoring properties. By... ..


Lavender Skin Lotion 200ml

1 review

An intensely aromatic moisturising lotion based on Organic Lavender oil with Aloe Vera, Cocoa butter,... ..


Lavender Pillow Spray 75ml

1 review

This fragrant spray infuses a combination of organic lavender with a selection of organic and... ..


Lavender Deep Sleep Night Oil 125ml

1 review

A relaxing and aromatic body oil which harnesses the uniquely soothing properties of organic Lavender... ..


Lavender Deodorant 50ml

2 reviews

A purifying deodorant liquid cream roll-on which is extremely gentle, yet highly effective in delivering... ..


Lavender Soap 100g

We’ve created a revitalising and fragrant soap, using organic lavender, which cleanses naturally and can... ..


Lavender Body Wash 250ml

Bioactive organic Lavender Oil is rich in relaxing, purifying and revitalising properties. Our fragrant and... ..


Lavender Shampoo 265ml

1 review

Organic lavender is an extract which we have chosen due to its relaxing, restoring and... ..


Lavender Conditioner 265ml

Used in combination with our organic Lavender shampoo, this incredibly effective formulation restores the hair’s... ..


Lavender Handwash 250ml

Our Lavender Handwash delivers an aromatic cleansing action, leaving the hands incredibly fresh and naturally... ..


Lavender Moisturising Gel Socks - Dr Organic

Lavender Moisturising Gel Socks

Lavender Oil Moisturising Gel Socks are based on organic Lavender Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil... ..

£7.50 £15.00

Lavender Moisturising Gel Gloves - Dr Organic

Lavender Moisturising Gel Gloves

Just 20 minutes of pampering a day can turn dry, unattractive hands into eye-catching beauties.... ..

£7.50 £15.00