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Hands-on cleansing and purity that pampers. Our soaps and handwashes can leave skin feeling gently cleansed, naturally refreshed and restored.

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Aloe Vera Handwash 250ml

Our organic, bioactive Aloe Vera handwash is formulated to leave the skin naturally fresh and... ..


Aloe Vera Soap 100g

1 review

Aloe vera, with its naturally soothing and revitalising properties, is praised for its use in... ..


Vitamin E Soap 100g

We’ve combined vitamin E with sunflower seed oil and safflower seed oil, alongside other organic... ..


Dead Sea Mineral Soap 100g

Dead Sea Salt contains over 20 essential minerals, some of which do not exist in... ..


Virgin Coconut Oil Soap 100g

Coconut oil can nourish, hydrate and rejuvenate and we’ve combined this tropically-scented ingredient with other... ..


Lavender Soap 100g

We’ve created a revitalising and fragrant soap, using organic lavender, which cleanses naturally and can... ..


Rose Otto Soap 100g

2 reviews

Pure organic Rose Otto is an uplifting aromatic essential extract, acclaimed through the ages for... ..


Moroccan Argan Oil Soap 100g

3 reviews

Organic Moroccan argan oil is known for its ability to revitalise and hydrate skin. By... ..


Lavender Handwash 250ml

Our Lavender Handwash delivers an aromatic cleansing action, leaving the hands incredibly fresh and naturally... ..


Tea Tree Handwash 250ml

Our revitalising Tea Tree Handwash leaves your hands feeling fresh, clean and healthy. We’ve optimised the purifying properties of the... ..


Olive Oil Soap 100g

Pure Organic Virgin Olive Oil is nutritious, deeply moisturising and rich in Oleic Acid, a... ..


Hemp Oil Soap 100g

We’ve combined ‘nature’s most perfectly balanced ‘oil’ with other extracts such as eucalyptus oil, palmarosa... ..


Royal Jelly Soap 100g

Pure organic Royal Jelly is rich in amino acids, plant hormones, nutrients and cell renewing... ..


Manuka Honey Soap 100g

The qualities of Manuka honey can be used to help nourish and restore. Our organic... ..


Tea Tree Soap 100g

Using organic tea tree oil, we’ve created a purifying soap that cleanses naturally as well... ..