An Organic Summer Body Makeover

An Organic Summer Body Makeover : No Weight Loss Required


If you have a body and love summer, you’ll probably be one of the many millions of people looking forward to de-layering your wardrobe and finally being able to strip off the depressing jumpers that remind you of your grandmother’s bathroom mat, opting for something cool and bright instead. Although loads of us get excited as soon as we see the first signs of warm weather and sunshine, quite a few of us are dreading the idea of wearing less and baring more.

Here at Doctor Organic, we believe that summer should be enjoyed by all; whether you’re a delectable size 22 or a mini size 4, summer doesn’t judge or discriminate. We believe that a summer body means anybody, and we believe in organic, luxurious and cruelty-free beauty that makes you look and feel incredible. We believe in looking our healthy best, so we’re going to reveal our five top tips for an organic summer body makeover – with absolutely no weight loss required - after all, nothing looks better on you than pure, glowing skin confidence.

1   Exfoliate

After stripping off those layers you might notice that your skin isn’t looking as bright and healthy as it normally does. Winter takes its toll on your complexion, causing dry patches and flakiness that won’t seem to go away. We recommend using a great organic, cruelty-free scrub, with environmentally-friendly scrubby bits like ground almonds, peach seeds or volcanic lava. Scrub-up and then rinse off to get that healthy, bright, summer skin glow.

We recommend Dr Organic’s Rose Otto Body Scrub, a luxurious exfoliator with nourishing rose essential oil and particles of volcanic lava.

2  Moisturise

After exfoliating, it’s important to add essential moisture, and one of the ways our skin loses its natural glow is through dryness. At Doctor Organic we’ve got the glow factor, and it’s because we’re firm believers in keeping yourself moisturised from head to toe. Use an organic lotion, moisturiser or body oil to instantly hydrate and lock-in moisture. For dry bits, use a thick luxurious body butter, preferably one that smells so good you’ll secretly be wondering if you should smooth it over your skin or slather it on a cake instead.

Our heaven-scented Dr Organic Cocoa Body Butter keeps you moisturised for an incredible 48 hours; that’s a full two days of chocolate-scented suppleness.

3  Hydrate

Moisturising your skin is great, but one of the most remarkable things you can do for your body is to drink plenty of water. Drinking two litres of water a day can change your skin, change your health, and change your life. Trust us, drinking your recommended daily intake of water will give your skin a boost of life you’re not going to get from the soft drink companies.

We recommend buying an eco-friendly, reusable bottle and filling up once or twice a day. Make a habit of finishing the whole thing before bed. You’d be surprised how quickly these little habits can stick, and drinking more water is a small change that will have a huge impact on your complexion and energy levels.  

4  Eat the Rainbow

Food gives us life, gives us energy and adds flavour to our social lives. It’s important to eat the foods you love, but it’s also important to eat foods that your skin will love. The colours in food represent over 25,000 different phytonutrients, which are major health, body and skin boosters. Eating a variety of colourful foods such as pomegranate, spinach, tomatoes, grapefruit, papaya, olives, blueberries and bell peppers will give you an internal makeover that will shine straight through.

At Doctor Organic we don’t just add the rainbow to our diets, we add it to our products too; we use organic, naturally derived ingredients such as pomegranate, olives and coconut to boost our botanicals and create nourishing skincare ranges that are lovingly approved by nature.

Why not try swapping veggie oil for a little Dr Organic 100% Raw and Organic Coconut Oil to prepare your meals; it gives food a nutty, tropical twist and can even be used to moisturise and smooth skin and hair.  

5  Fake it, don’t bake it

We love the sun, but that doesn’t always mean that the sun loves us back. The sun is great for supplying us with a little boost of vitamin D, but long-term sun exposure can accelerate the effects of ageing and even lead to skin cancer. If you’re spending prolonged periods of time exposed to harmful UVA and UVB rays it’s always a good idea to use a high-factor sun lotion, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get that healthy-looking, sun kissed glow; the answer is to fake it. Self-tanners have moved on from their orange ancestors, now you can choose from skin-loving bronzers, instant tans and gradual builders that are sure to give you Instagram-worthy skin and a fantastic summer glow that you can reapply even in the colder months.

Our Dr Organic Moroccan Glow Self Tan Mousse has been whipped out before every office party, summer wedding, or whenever we feel like we need a little colour. We love everything about it, and we know you will too.  

A summer body really does mean anybody. If you follow our five tips for an organic summer body makeover, you’re sure to look and feel fantastic. At Doctor Organic we believe in living well, looking incredible, healthy-ageing and eating ice-cream like nobody’s watching. We hope you’ll join us!