Shea it like you mean it:

Introducing our new range of Miracle Moisture Makers with Organic Shea Butter


Why you Need Shea Butter in your Life, Like Yesterday.

Shea butter is one of our desert island ingredients. If we were stuck somewhere with only one superhero resource standing between us and dehydrated, dull skin, Shea would be top of the bliss list. Shea has been around so long we’re pretty sure Cleopatra used to use it to protect her skin from the hot Egyptian sun. It contains Vitamin A, Vitamin E, a huge amount of skin-loving Fatty Acids and Plant Antioxidants, and it’s loved by indigenous tribes and pregnant women the world over. But the number one best thing about Shea Butter is … it really works, for everyone!

Shea Hello to your Best Self.

(You said shelf, didn’t you?)

We’re just going to come out with it, Shea is the must-have ingredient for soft, supple, illuminated skin and hydration that lasts. It’s one of those naturally beautifying butters that’s been used for thousands of years; In fact, it’s often referred to as ‘women’s gold,’ and for a very good reason. It’s extracted from the nut of the Shea Tree in Africa, where clever and creative tribes have been using it for centuries to protect their skin from the drying effects of the Sub-Saharan climate. Which is why we think you should always keep something Shea on your shelf; whether you want to soften and hydrate your skin, recondition your hair, care for your cuticles, moisturise during winter and illuminate during summer; Shea wins every category of the natural skincare Olympics.  

Why Are We So Excited?

In the offices of Dr Organic we’ve developed Shea fever. We know our products, we know our customers and we know great natural skincare like the back of our soft, moisturised and wrinkle-free hands. We’ve been busy combining Shea Butter with our own potent blend of Botanical Oils and Natural Fruit Extracts, and we’re proud to say we’ve managed to design a Shea skincare range that’s so heavenly, it’s like we’ve scooped it right out of our dreams and poured it straight into the pot. We’ve created products with the incredible ability to soften, hydrate, lock moisture and transform the look and feel of your skin.


Really Excited…

Why are we all so excited? We’re excited because we know you’ll love our new range just as much as we do, and we’ve got the results to prove it. We’re super proud to say that over 90% of our enthusiastic skincare test group agreed that after they used some of our selected Shea products their skin became smoother, softer, amazingly nourished and blissfully hydrated.

We’ve Got you Covered:


Shea it to Me One Last Time

Join us in discovering the Shea way of life; embrace miracle hydration, supreme nourishment, creamy moisture and fall back in love with your skin. Great skin, as always, is on us.

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