5 Tips for Naturally Healthy Hair

5 Tips
for Naturally Healthy Hair

5 Tips
for Naturally Healthy Hair

Looking after our hair is an important aspect of our self-care routine, especially when it comes to helping it look and feel naturally healthy. To maintain our hair, we need to follow steps that work for us and which bring the most positive results.

Hair is sensitive and can be damaged by many things which you may not realise, from the temperature of your shower to environmental aspects. When your hair is damaged it can become brittle which often leads to it becoming more difficult to style. For healthy hair, find the right routine that works for you. To help you achieve that, here are 5 tips for naturally healthy hair:


Use a deeply hydrating treatment twice a week

Hydrating treatments for your hair can have a positive effect as they help to replenish lost moisture and to maintain a glossy shine. Hair treatments can also help to deeply condition and strengthen hair, leaving it silky-smooth. Providing different effects than solely using shampoo and conditioner, organic hair treatments provide all-over hair maintenance and leave your hair feeling pampered and fresh.


Wash your hair when it needs it

If your hair is looking and feeling greasy or coarse, then it is telling you it needs to be washed. In our interview with Eva Proudman, renowned hair trichologist, she told us:

“Keep the hair and scalp clean, washing daily or every other day is what is required for good hair and scalp cleansing. Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner with natural ingredients such as the Dr Organic coffee stimulating shampoo and conditioner to deliver great cleansing and conditioning to your hair.”

Neglecting to wash your hair can result in it becoming damaged, dry and frizzy which leaves it difficult to brush and style. To maintain healthy hair, wash regularly and focus on the scalp not just the hair. This will result in all-over positive results – your hair will thank you!


Do not brush your hair when it’s wet

Wait until your hair has nearly dried before using a wide-tooth comb to detangle knots. Hair is at its weakest when wet, and therefore is more susceptible to damage. Many of us brush our hair immediately after washing it, but it’s actually better to brush it when it is nearly dry, as this will focus more on knots and tangles than it would when your hair is wet, smooth and recently washed. When your hair is in this state, you may also want to add some organic oil to it, for an extra boost of shine and support.


Trim your hair regularly

When your hair grows, split ends and tangles are common. To remedy this, it is important to trim your hair regularly such as every six weeks. This will eliminate any negative effects the growth process may have on your hair, allowing it to grow more naturally and without any discrepancies. After your hair trim, you may want to use an organic hair treatment to truly make your hair feel loved.


Pick the right product for you

It is important to choose the right products which work for your hair. To pick the first product on the shelf may be easier but if you research your hair type and what it needs to be maintained positively, other products could be perfect for you. We have a wide range of organic haircare products that cater for every hair type.

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