Moroccan Glow Self Tan- available in Light, Medium and Dark

Moroccan Glow Self Tan- available in Light, Medium and Dark

We all know the damage that over exposure to the sun can do to our skin with its harmful UVA and UVB rays and why we should protect our largest organ, our skin. But with Summer just around the corner and the thought of longer, brighter days we begin to crave a bit more of a healthy glow. Which is why you need to reach for our Moroccan Glow Range! A unique Self Tan Range enriched with Organic Moroccan Argan Oil plus DHA and Eurythrulose, naturally occurring actives found in plants such as Sugar cane and Sugar Beet that provide a gradual and natural Tan without the need for sun exposure. Combined with high levels of soothing Polysaccharide and nutrient rich organic Aloe vera leaf juice plus a unique blend of revitalising Organic plant extracts and our signature blend of natural and fragrant essential oils we have created a unique Self Tan experience that doesn’t leave you smelling of biscuits either!

In order to achieve a flawless finish make sure that you have exfoliated before hand with our Moroccan Glow Body Polish. Using your tanning mitt use circular motions to apply the tan all over. Leave a few minutes before getting dressed and shower 6-8hours after applications. If you would like a deeper tan apply another layer. Keep up your healthy glow by reapplying every three to four days.


Getting to know the Active Ingredients in the Moroccan Glow Range


DHA is a fast acting Self Tan active that reacts with amino acids which are the building blocks of the skin protein keratin of which the skin tissue is primarily made. When DHA comes into contact with these amino acids, it combines with them and forms molecules called melanoidins. The melanoidins produced from DHA and the skin's amino acids can vary in shade from golden yellow to deep brown and change the colour of the skin in the same way that the natural-skin pigment melanin does but without the need for exposure to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.


This naturally occurring compound works in a similar way to DHA but has a more gradual action which helps to provide a deeper and longer lasting Self Tan.

Organic Morocan Argan Oil:

Moroccan Argan Oil is renowned for its natural healthy-aging properties and is rich in, essential fatty acids, carotenoids, antioxidants, sterols, vitamins and polyphenols.

Organic Aloe vera leaf Juice:

A Powerful nutrient rich material with soothing, moisturising and restoring properties.

Organic Argan, Hibiscus, Kigelia and Baobab extracts

A unique African plant extract blend rich in antioxidants and skin revitalising and rejuvenating properties.