Justine Jenkins Make Up Artist – Skin Clear Q&A

1. What are your top tips for prepping the skin for a flawless base? Do you have any tips on how to prep oily skin for make up? Can you recommend a celeb get the look that would work for oily skin types? 
When prepping the skin for makeup, it's always important to use products designed for your skin type. So If you have oily skin, use a good range like Dr Organic Skin Clear. These products contain great ingredients like tea tree oil, grapefruit extract and salicylic acid, that balance and soothe oily skin. Start by using a gentle but effective cleanser like the Tea Tree Deep Pore Cleansing Face Wash. Apply Tea Tree Purifying Toner over the face with a cotton pad and blot with a tissue. Treat any blemishes with Tea Tree Treatment Gel and moisturise with Tea Tree Oil Control Moisturiser. Treat the skin gently and don't rub to avoid causing redness.
Before applying makeup, press clean blotting papers onto the skin to absorb excess oil.  Under your foundation, use a mattifying Primer and let it settle for a couple of minutes before applying makeup. Primer is an essential part of your routine to create an oil free canvas for your make up. 
A great celeb look to try is the look I did on actress Phoebe Fox at this year's Olivier Awards. The skin was kept Matte but there was a bright pop of colour on the lips. This draws attention away from the skin, as the eyes are drawn to the bright lip. 
2. What is the best way to tackle blemishes and how best to cover them? 
Do not pick or touch blemishes as you will cause redness and inflammation. Treat first with an anti-bacterial product like Dr Organic's Tea Tree Treatment Gel. Take a cotton bud and apply the gel directly onto the area. To cover the blemish, avoid applying thick heavy makeup, instead apply a light foundation and then use a good coverage concealer to cover blemishes. Take a clean make up brush like EcoTools concealer brush, and gently dab a tiny amount of concealer over the blemish until it disappears. Lightly powder to set the concealer or use a mineral powder concealer like Lily Lolo. Top tip - to avoid spreading bacteria from your face to the makeup and back to your face, regularly clean your make up brushes. Another great use for the Skin Clear Cleansing Face Wash!
3. What products would you recommend for acne oily prone skin? 
Using the Dr Organic Skin Clear Tea Tree range, will help prevent acne breakouts. Tea tree oil is your best friend, as it's anti-bacterial properties are second to none, and look for products containing salicylic acid which decreases oil production. Stick to a good routine, always cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day, exfoliate two or three times a week, and use a clay mask twice a week.
Choose makeup with Matte finishes, and look out for the term 'non-comodogenic' meaning that the product won't clog your pores and will help keep you blemish free.
When choosing your make up, opt for a loose mineral powder foundation to prevent clogging the pores. Mineral make up is great for acne prone skin, but choose a brand like Nude By Nature that doesn't contain bismuth oxychloride, which is a known irritant. If you are suffering from a flare up, you want to be looking for ingredients that calm and nourish. 
4. Why does my skin get oilier in the summer and how can I help combat the shine? 
Skin gets oiler in the Summer as heat and humidity increases the oil production from sebaceous glands. Dr Organic Skin Clear range is designed to combat an oily complexion. Use a mattifying primer under foundation, and blotting papers are an essential addition to your make up bag. Great for guys too!
5. When money is tight, which clearing skin products are the best to go to on a budget?
If I were to choose essential products, I don't think you can be without Dr Organic Tea Tree Deep Pore Cleansing Face Wash as good cleansing is so important for acne prone oily skin. Then I would always use an exfoliator like the Tea Tree Exfoliating Scrub to get rid of dead skin cells so sebum does not get trapped in pores. Use a mask twice weekly that contains both clay and salicylic acid like Dr Organic Tea Tree Deep Pore Charcoal Mask as both ingredients decrease oil production in the skin. Finally, Tea Tree Oil Control Moisturiser to hydrate, as dehydrated skin can cause more breakouts. 
6. What are your top tips for exfoliating acne prone skin? 
Be gentle! Do not scrub at the skin or use harsh astringents and exfoliators. Two or three times a week gently massage Dr Organic Skin Clear Tea Tree Exfoliating Scrub onto the skin. This scrub will do all the work for you sloughing off dead skin cells, but will not irritate the skin, leaving skin feeling fresh and clean.
7. My skin gets worse when I’m stressed, what are your top tips for combatting stress on the skin/stress-related spots? Is there anything that can be done to prevent these?
Learn how to deal with stress. Deep, slow breaths, mixed with meditation and regular gentle exercise can minimise stress and reduce breakouts. When feeling overwhelmed, go for a walk or sit for 5 minutes taking gentle deep breaths.
Always keep Dr Organic Tea Tree Treatment Gel in your make up bag. As soon as you feel a breakout, pop on the Gel and the anti-bacterial properties of the tea tree oil will get straight to work on spots. You'll feel more confident knowing you have a solution at your fingertips.
8. Should I change my skincare regime when I’m on holiday this summer? E.g. should I be exfoliating more if I’m applying sun screen? Does warm weather open my pores? 
It's a myth that pores open and close. However, keeping the skin clean can help pores appear smaller. Try to avoid harsh midday sun which can overheat the skin, stick to sunbathing in the morning and late afternoon. 
Always avoid chemical sunscreens as they can cause flare ups, so replace them with a natural sunscreen. If you choose a natural sunscreen with great hydrating ingredients, you can apply in the day instead of moisturiser to avoid overloading the skin. 
Keep your exfoliating routine gentle to avoid stressing the skin. Two to three times per week is ideal. 
9. What would you say are the most common skincare mistakes made by people with oily spot prone skin? E.g. squeezing spots, over exfoliating, not moisturising etc
The most common mistake made by people with spot prone skin is avoiding moisturiser. Oily skin still needs moisture and if you skip it, skin will become dehydrated and more prone to breakouts.
Squeezing spots is really tempting I know, but doing so can cause unsightly redness and lead to scarring. Instead treat the spot with Skin Clear Tea Tree Treatment Gel.
Exfoliating two or three times per week is great for keeping skin clean and getting rid of dead skin cells where sebum can get trapped. However, over exfoliating can stress the skin and strip it, leading to more oil production. 
Using harsh astringents on oily skin can feel like the skin is super clean, however these ingredients strip the skin and encourage the sebum gland to produce more oil. Stick to natural ingredients that nourish and balance oily skin. 
10. What are your top tips for a skincare detox and how can I have a ‘thorough cleanse’ that won’t strip the skin? Can avoiding certain food help?
Sugary foods have a high glycemic index which Increases blood sugar levels and can cause a flare up of skin conditions like acne. Replace refined grains like white bread and rice with whole food grains like quinoa and brown rice and avoid dairy products. 
Replace sugary sweets with fruits like berries and apples. Inflammatory fats can cause inflammation in acne prone skin, so replace trans fats in processed foods, with healthy fats in flaxseed, avocado, sunflower oil, almonds and walnuts.
Avoid sugary drinks and opt instead for delicious and zesty lemon infused water to stimulate liver function and hydrate the body. Increase your intake of leafy green vegetables and Vitamin D, which helps maintain the integrity of the skin, allowing proteins to be assimilated more efficiently. This will help detox the skin from the inside out.
Thoroughly cleansing without stripping the skin means sticking to a good, regular routine. Use a good quality range for oily skin like the D Organic Skin Clear range. Try a double cleanse in the evening; once to remove make up, and twice to remove dirt and grime for that extra clean feeling. Gently pat on toner with a cotton wool pad to remove traces of grease and moisturise to hydrate the skin. Exfoliate two or three times a week, no more, and use a clay based mask twice a week to balance oil production.